Client Projects/ Case Studies

Trends in metal spinning manufacturing are changing all the time. From new local Government projects to local councils, ship building along with car and trucking industries.

The truck industry is booming once again in Melbourne. We have also made spun components for aeroplane / aerospace projects and Mining.

Case Study 1

Coco Flip

Another recent trend in our metal spinning manufacturing business is custom made lighting. Over recent times we have been involved with over 20 individual new boutique lighting companies. It is very exciting times for some of our new clients.

One project that we have been involved with from day 1 is Coco Flip. A young lady visited our company with some preliminary sketches of aluminium light shades.

We initially though that the shape was very appealing and interesting but how to actually produce such a shape would be very challenging and as time went on our initial thoughts proved correct.

Coco Flip
Our team worked with Kate on the design of the initial prototype timber tooling and worked very closely for weeks on refining several methods to ensure her design could be manufactured as she initially requested.

As our development of tooling progressed and we added some more in-house tools to assist in the manufacturing process we were able to deliver a very accurate and impressive product.

We then moved on to a smaller replicated shade in Aluminium and used our previous development information to produce tooling that would automatically reproduce this smaller shade request.

This particular boutique light has excelled most expectations and Kate has recently upgraded her in-house metal spinning tools to cater for the large demand.

Coco Flip
Also during this development stage we have worked on a different design with Kate from Coco Flip.

This design also has a lot of fine detail and is produced in Copper and Brass Material.

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Case Study 2

metal spinning for mining

One of our latest large ongoing was projects was to provide very large radius tube bends for a mining application in Northern Australia.

We worked with a new client to design and prototype several very large diameter tube bends from 3.0mm Aluminized Steel up 10" & 12" diameter tube including some very tight centre line radii and also some larger centre line radii with a maximum diameter of the spun tube section of up to 1200mm.

We developed a method of manufacture that enable 2 metal spun halves to be formed on a CNC spinning machine and once complete then machined on a CNC Lathe to a close tolerance. Then hydraulically clamped and semi automatically fully rotary welded on the inside and outside circumference.

metal spinning for mining

This project enabled large diameter pipe work to have less restricting bend that would enhance air flow efficiently and also fit into a more concise area. This has been very beneficial to mainly areas in Mining, from large Mining Vehicles, Mobile Generators and many large volume air and exhaust applications.