Metal Spinning

Aluminium Spinning

aluminium spinners Melbourne

We specialise in aluminum spinning. It is the one of the most used metals for spinning due mainly to how easily it can be spun. Aluminium is a versatile metal that is easy to work with.

It is lightweight which makes it perfect for making both simple and complicated shapes that would be difficult to make in other metals such as stainless steel. Of course, aluminium also doesn't rust which makes it a perfect choice for marine uses.

Aluminum can also be sanded and polished.

Some of the examples of our aluminum metal spinning are covers, shrouds, aluminum cookware, aluminum lighting, hemispheres, balls and cones.

CNC Metal Spinning

CNC metal spinners Melbourne

CNC. Computer Numerical Control.

Computers have been controlling a great number of things for years now. In the manufacturing industry CNC machinery has been making life easier for business where accuracy and repetition is an everyday occurrence. It is no different for the Metal Spinning industry.

Being able to compete in a niche trade requires the use of quality machinery with a desire to produce the very best product at an affordable price for the customer.

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Mild Steel Spinning

metal spinners Melbourne

Mild Steel is typically easy to spin. It is commonly used for forms which cannot be easily pressed out.

Typically it is best to use a heavy gauge metal for spinning mild steel unless the weight of the item is an important factor to consider.

This is because the metal is liable to be worked thin by being drawn out during the spinning process.

Stainless Steel Spinning

stainless steel spinners Melbourne

Whitehorse Industries have been specialising in stainless steel spinning for over 50 years.

There is a certain art to forming/spinning stainless steel and we think we have mastered the art of it.

There are pro's and con's in choosing whether or not you will need stainless steel spinning for your application/usage.

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Tube Spinning

tube spinners Melbourne

Our tube reduction and expansion processes allow for differing pipe diameters to be joined. Mild steel stainless steel copper and aluminium can all be used in the process to suit your specifications

  1. truck inlet and exhausts
  2. high pressure refrigeration
  3. large diameter stainless steel Venturies