Metal Pressing

Aluminium Pressing

Aluminium pressing Melbourne

Whitehorse Industries is involved with the production of parts utilised in the "Negator Spring Assembly" on the C-130 Hercules, produced by AMCE.

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We also have manufactured parts for ASTA/Boeing for the fuel tanks of the FA-18 Hornets, and Ballistic Track Shrouds for the M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier supplied to Mackay Defence Technologies.

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Mild Steel Pressing

metal pressing Melbourne

Whitehorse Industries can manufacture parts for old vintage car - these can be replicated using the metal spinning process.

Headlight surrounds, headlight buckets and hub caps are just some of many vintage car parts that we are able to spin / manufacture.

We also can manufacture carburettor parts for vintage cars, such as bowls and floats are also produced from the spinning process.

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Stainless Steel Pressing

stainless steel pressing Melbourne

Mild steel donuts, stainless steel donuts and aluminium donuts are all used for inlet and exhaust bends in cars, trucks, tractors, any motorised vehicle.

Fuel tank ends for Kenworth Trucks supplied to Hilton Manufacturing.

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