CNC Machining Facility

CNC metal spinners Melbourne

For the ultimate in repeatability and accuracy, our CNC machining lathe is our most useful machine for the most dimensionally accurate tooling design.

Our operators have many years experience in varying industrial applications and materials.

All tooling is designed on the computer before any material is cut.

Heavy Gauge Material

heavy gauge metal spinners

Whitehorse industries has invested heavily in machinery capable of forming materials of a very heavy gauge.

  1. 8mm mild steel
  2. 5mm stainless steel
  3. 10 mm aluminium

High Quantity Production

High Quantity Production

Our CNC metal spinning lathes can run continuously for hours on end to allow large production runs whilst maintaining accuracy for the duration of the job. We have 6 CNC spinning lathes of varying capacities that are capable of carrying out the most accurate spun parts for whatever the use may be.

Large Diameter Spinnings

Large Diameter Spinnings

Our spinning capacity is up tp 2.4 meters in diameter. Common spinnings of this size are torrespherical and semi ellipsoidal tank ends and pressure vessels.

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Low Quantity Prototype Production

prototype production

Low cost timber tooling can be used for low quantity prototyping. Using timber in this way means we can pass on savings to the customer.

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Stainless Steel Specialists

Stainless Steel Specialists

Whitehorse Industries have been specialising in stainless steel spinning for over 50 years.

There is a certain art to forming/spinning stainless steel and we think we have mastered the art of it.

There are pro's and con's in choosing whether or not you will need stainless steel spinning for your application/usage.

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